I've found my furever family!

Michel (Mona)

We're happy to tell you that Michel (Mona)has a new furever home.
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Introducing Mona, a charming feline with a personality that's equal parts sweet and spicy! With her playful nature and zest for life, Mona is always ready to embark on new adventures and make the most of each day.

This spirited kitty loves nothing more than engaging in playful antics and having a good time. Whether chasing toys, exploring new spaces, or simply enjoying a romp with her favorite feline friends, Mona's playful energy is infectious and sure to bring joy to your home.

Despite her lively demeanor, Mona is also incredibly affectionate and enjoys snuggling up for some quality cuddle time. With her gentle purrs and loving nature, she's the perfect companion for cozy evenings spent relaxing at home.

Plus, with her excellent litter box manners, Mona ensures a clean and tidy living space, making her an easy-going and low-maintenance pet. And thanks to her friendly disposition, she gets along famously with other cats, making her a wonderful addition to multi-cat households.

Mona is part of a bonded pair and shares a special connection with her sister, Lisa. Together, they make an inseparable duo, bringing double the love and companionship to their forever home. As members of The Artistic Duo litter, Mona and Lisa are ready to paint a masterpiece of love and joy in your life!

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