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At Da Vinci's Dream, our purpose is clear: to rescue animals from high-kill shelters, local shelters with low adoption rates, strays, and dogs from shut down puppy mills in Kentucky and give them the chance they deserve. However, the challenges of overpopulation in rural areas demand innovative solutions. With our main shelter receiving 100 dogs every week, the urgency is real. To counteract this, we've turned to animal transport, bridging the gap between limited resources and higher adoption rates.

​Kentucky's rural towns bear witness to an overwhelming number of animals in need. Our commitment to change these lives is unyielding. By partnering with shelters across the state, we recognize the critical role we play in their survival.

Transporting animals to other states is our strategic response. These areas offer more opportunities for adoption, ensuring that our rescues stand a better chance at finding their forever homes. As we grow, so does our vision. We're determined to expand our transport efforts, forging new pathways of hope for even more animals.

Join us in rewriting the fate of animals in Kentucky and beyond. With every transport, we're not just moving animals; we're moving towards a future where rescue knows no boundaries. Your support fuels this journey, turning the dream of a better life into reality—one mile, one rescue, and one precious life at a time.

Join us in rewriting the fate of animals in Kentucky and beyond. With every transport, we're not just moving animals; we're moving towards a future where rescue knows no boundaries. Your support fuels this journey, turning the dream of a better life into reality—one mile, one rescue, and one precious life at a time.

Extending Hope Beyond Borders


Transports Work

At Da Vinci's Dream, our animal transport process is meticulously designed to create harmonious bonds between our rescued animals and their forever homes. Here's a comprehensive guide to navigating this transformative journey:

1. Application Submission:

The voyage commences when you complete an application to offer a nurturing home to one of our deserving animals. Your willingness to open your heart and home to a rescue in need is a powerful step toward change.

2. Application Review and Assessment:

Upon receiving your application, our dedicated team embarks on a thoughtful assessment journey. We meticulously review your application to ensure compatibility with the unique needs and personalities of our animals, prioritizing the creation of thriving, loving homes.

3. Personalized Conversation:

For applications that align seamlessly with the animal's requirements, we initiate a personalized conversation. This interaction provides an opportunity to delve deeper, fostering a better understanding of your expectations and addressing any queries.

4. Contract and Deposit:

After our conversation resonates positively, we share with you a transport contract alongside a deposit form. This pivotal step solidifies your commitment to embracing the animal and secures your position within our adoption process.

5. Deposit Insights:

Our dedication to ensuring a smooth transition for our animals across state lines necessitates the procurement of a health certificate from our trusted veterinarian. This certificate serves as a testament to the animal's well-being prior to joining your loving home. To alleviate the financial burden associated with this process and to gauge your sincere commitment, we require a deposit.

This deposit covers various expenses, including the cost of obtaining the animal's health certificate. Legally mandated for animals crossing state lines, these certificates are issued in the adopter's name and address, ensuring they cannot be reused. Additionally, we incur costs related to transport, such as fuel and potential vehicle rental. For longer journeys, we also cover expenses like hotel fees for our transporters.

You can find detailed information about our fees on our Adoption Fees page. Please note that this deposit is non-refundable due to the advanced payments required for health certificates and transport costs. Additionally, it helps us ensure the adopter's seriousness about adoption and covers our expenses in case of last-minute cancellations or no-shows at the meet and greet.

6. Initiating the Journey:

Upon securing the deposit and signing the contract, the transport process sets into motion. In addition to providing you with the contract and deposit form, we will promptly inform you of the meeting time and location. Our meetings are typically scheduled on weekends to accommodate potential adopters' availability, allowing for a smoother and more convenient process. From this point forward, we're committed to ensuring your experience is comfortable and well-cared for, as we embark on this journey together.

7. Embracing Your New Companion:

The journey reaches its culmination on the day of transport, where you will meet the animal you've applied for. Pending a successful meet and greet, you will have the opportunity to sign the final adoption contract, complete the remaining adoption fee payment, and warmly welcome your new pet into your home. This day marks the beginning of a new chapter filled with love, companionship, and shared adventures.


Our transport process is a symphony of compassion and purpose, orchestrated to bestow second chances and enduring joy. As we collectively author stories of hope and transformation, our commitment to animal welfare is unwavering. With each transport, we sculpt a narrative of change, not just for the animals but for the lives they touch. Join us on this journey of heartwarming tales, unwavering commitment, and wagging tails.

Where we


Our Current Transport Locations:

Greenwood, IN

Wilmington, OH


Our Upcoming Transport Locations:

Washington, PA

Lake City, FL

These transports will occur every 6-8 weeks, offering more opportunities for adoptions.


Read about our fees associated with transport here:

Why We

Require A Deposit

We require a deposit for our transports to ensure the smooth and successful transfer of our rescue dogs and cats to their forever homes. This deposit serves multiple important purposes that help us manage the logistics and expenses involved in the transportation process.

One key reason for the deposit is related to the health certificate requirement. When we transport animals across state lines, we must obtain a health certificate from our veterinarian.

However, these certificates have a limited validity of only 30 days and are specific to the state they are issued for. This means that we need to time our transports accurately to ensure the health certificates are still valid on the day of travel. The deposit helps us confirm the commitment of adopters, allowing us to plan and organize the transport with the necessary documentation in place.

Additionally, depending on the number of animals being transported, we often need to rent vehicles and acquire essential transport supplies to ensure the safety and comfort of the animals during the journey. These arrangements require financial resources, and the deposit contributes to covering these costs.

One of the challenges we've faced in the past is last-minute cancellations by adopters, which can be financially burdensome for our rescue. These cancellations can lead to wasted expenses that we cannot easily absorb. By requesting a deposit, we are able to offset these potential losses and ensure that the adopters who commit to the transport are genuinely invested in the adoption process.

Furthermore, transporting animals, especially across long distances, can be stressful for them. We want to minimize this stress and ensure that the animals are moving towards a permanent, loving home. Requiring a deposit helps us identify adopters who are genuinely serious about providing a forever home, ensuring that the transport experience is as positive as possible for both the animals and the adopters.

This deposit is non-refundable unless the animal has a severely negative reaction to their potential adopter. In this case, we will cancel the adoption and refund the deposit accordingly.

In summary, the deposit requirement serves as a way to manage the financial aspects of the transport, safeguard against last-minute cancellations, and prioritize the well-being of our rescue dogs and cats. We greatly appreciate your understanding and support in this matter, as it enables us to continue our mission of rescuing and rehoming animals in need.

Forms Of Payment

we accept

We offer a variety of convenient and secure payment options to facilitate the adoption process and support the mission of Da Vinci's Dream Rescue. Here's an overview of the forms of payment we accept:

Zeffy Payment Form:

For deposit payments, we utilize our Zeffy payment form. Once your transport meet and greet is confirmed, we will provide you with the link to this form. Zeffy enables payments through multiple methods, including:

Credit Cards or Debit Cards

ACH / PAD (Automated Clearing House / Pre-Authorized Debit)
Apple Pay / Google Pay


We also accept payments in the form of checks. Please make the check payable to "Da Vinci's Dream."


Cash payments are another option for settling the final adoption fee. Please ensure that you have the exact amount ready for the transaction.

Zeffy Payment Platform Benefits:
Our choice of the Zeffy payment platform offers several advantages that contribute to the smooth operation of our rescue efforts:

100% Payment and Donation Retention: Zeffy allows us to receive 100% of the payment and any associated donation without deducting a percentage. This direct payment ensures that the funds go directly towards supporting the animals in our care.

Flexible Donations: While Zeffy may prompt for a donation to their platform, you have the flexibility to set the donation percentage to zero if you choose not to contribute to Zeffy. This means that your payment will primarily go towards supporting our rescue mission.

Secure Transactions: Zeffy ensures the security of your payment information, providing a safe environment for financial transactions.

Final Adoption Fee Payment:
For the final adoption fee, we provide several payment options to accommodate your preferences:

Zeffy Payment Form: We will send you the link to the Zeffy payment form before transport day.


Please ensure you have the exact amount.


Make the check payable to "Da Vinci's Dream."

We are committed to making the adoption process as convenient as possible while also maximizing the impact of your contributions. If you have any questions about payment methods or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at Your support is invaluable in helping us give our rescue animals a brighter future


Transport Contract

Our transport contract is designed to provide clarity and protection for both our rescue animals and potential adopters during the preliminary stages of the adoption process. This contract is distinct from our final adoption contract, which is signed in person during our meet and greet transport event, after confirming compatibility between the animal and your family.

Signing the Contract

The transport contract is signed after we have completed our phone interview with you and prior to the meet and greet. This contract serves as an additional layer of assurance that adopters are genuinely committed to providing a loving and permanent home for our rescue animals.

Key Elements of the Contract

Non-Refundable Downpayment:
By signing the contract, you acknowledge and understand that the initial downpayment made to secure your spot on the transport is non-refundable. This downpayment contributes to the logistics and planning involved in arranging the transport event.

Adoption Decision Considerations:
This section outlines that, as a rescue organization, we retain the right to assess the welfare of the animal during the meet and greet. In cases where the dog or cat has a severely negative reaction to you or your family, we may decide not to proceed with the adoption. In such instances, the adoption will be canceled, and your deposit will be refunded.

Consent for Photography and Media Use:
The final part of the contract confirms your consent for us to take photos and videos at the transport location. We may use these images on our social media platforms and website. Your agreement to this provision allows us to share the positive moments and milestones of our rescue animals with our community.

Ensuring Commitment to Adoption

Our transport contract is designed to ensure that adopters are genuinely committed to the adoption process and to providing a loving forever home for our rescue animals. By signing this contract, you demonstrate your understanding of the non-refundable nature of the downpayment, your agreement to our adoption decision considerations, and your consent for us to use images taken during the transport event for promotional purposes.

We appreciate your dedication to making a positive impact on the lives of our rescue animals. If you have any questions or need further clarification about the transport contract, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at [contact email/phone number]. Your commitment to our cause is instrumental in giving our animals the bright future they deserve.

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