I've found my furever family!

Mitsy (Cali)

We're happy to tell you that Mitsy (Cali)has a new furever home.
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Meet Mitsy, a delightful Bichon with a heart full of hope and a spirit that's ready to shine. Mitsy's journey began in a puppy mill, a challenging start that left her with some nervousness. However, beneath her initial shyness lies a sweet and loving companion just waiting for the right home.

At approximately four years old and weighing around 10 pounds, Mitsy is the perfect size to be your loyal cuddle buddy. Her petite frame holds a wealth of affection, and once she feels safe and loved, she'll shower you with devotion. Mitsy is sweet-natured but a bit timid, making her an ideal match for a home that offers understanding and patience.

One special thing about Mitsy is her close bond with Mia, her trusted friend and confidante. Together, they share a unique connection that adds warmth and charm to any household. If you're considering adopting two furry friends, Mitsy and Mia would be an adorable and heartwarming duo to welcome into your home.

Mitsy's past may have left her feeling uncertain, but her heart is open to love and trust. With the right loving hand, she'll flourish into the loyal and affectionate companion you've been searching for. Extend your hand in friendship to Mitsy, and together, you can embark on a journey of love and understanding. Don't miss the chance to provide Mitsy with the caring home she truly deserves.

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