I've found my furever family!


We're happy to tell you that Sullyhas a new furever home.
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Meet Sully, a charming companion with a heart of gold and a story of resilience. Born around February 1, 2020, and weighing around 30 pounds, Sully's journey has been one of overcoming challenges and embracing new beginnings.

Sully recently underwent a complete shave due to extreme matting, but his beautiful curls will soon grow back, restoring his handsome appearance. Despite his temporary transformation, Sully's personality shines through, radiating warmth and friendliness.

This lovable pup is crate trained and adores the company of both dogs and cats. With a friendly disposition and lots of personality, Sully effortlessly wins the hearts of everyone he meets. His playful nature adds an element of joy to every interaction, making him a delightful companion for both humans and furry friends alike.

Sully's journey began with a difficult start, as he was rescued from an illegal puppy mill that was shut down. Upon entering our care, he faced additional challenges, including an infection in his tail that antibiotics could not resolve. As a result, Sully underwent a tail docking procedure by our vet, ensuring his health and well-being.

While his photos were taken before his tail was docked, Sully's spirit remains as vibrant as ever. With his tail wagging and his heart full of love, Sully is ready to embark on a new chapter in a loving forever home, where he can continue to spread joy and happiness to all who welcome him.

If you're searching for a furry friend who embodies resilience, charm, and boundless love, look no further than Sully. This special pup is sure to bring laughter, love, and endless cuddles to your home, making every day brighter with his presence.

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