I've found my furever family!


We're happy to tell you that Jakehas a new furever home.
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Meet Jake, the delightful Australian Shepherd who's ready to bring a bundle of joy and boundless energy into your life. Born around December 20, 2021, this handsome fellow is in his prime at 47.8 pounds.

Jake is more than just a pretty face; he's a friendly and social dog with a heart full of love. His warm and welcoming personality extends to people and other dogs alike. Whether he's sharing a romp in the park with fellow canines or enjoying quality time with his human companions, Jake thrives on companionship.

One of Jake's standout qualities is his crate training. He understands the importance of having a cozy and safe space to call his own, willingly retreating to his crate when it's time to relax or rest. His excellent crate manners showcase his well-behaved nature.

Jake is not only good in his crate but also on a leash. He's a stellar listener and comes when called, making outdoor adventures enjoyable and safe. His enthusiasm for exploration and activity makes him a great fit for an active household.

Beyond his energy and athleticism, Jake has a sweet and affectionate side. He'll eagerly shower you with tail wags, cuddles, and lots of love. Whether you're seeking a partner for outdoor adventures or a loyal companion to share quiet moments with, Jake is up for the task.

If you're ready to welcome a spirited and loving Australian Shepherd into your life, Jake is waiting to become a cherished member of your family. Don't miss out on the opportunity to make him a part of your daily adventures and heartwarming moments.

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