I've found my furever family!


We're happy to tell you that Ramonahas a new furever home.
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Meet Ramona, a delightful canine companion born around March 15, 2023, and weighing around 12 pounds. Ramona is a small bundle of joy who has a natural affinity for getting along well with other small dogs, making her a wonderful addition to any canine-friendly household.

This happy-go-lucky pup brings an infectious joy to every moment, radiating positivity and enthusiasm. While initially a bit shy around new people, Ramona's curiosity and desire to be social quickly shine through. Once she warms up, you'll find a loving and playful friend eager to engage in various activities.

Ramona's inquisitive nature leads her to explore her surroundings with keen interest. She thrives on being involved in the action, checking out new things, and staying engaged in the happenings around her. Whether it's playtime, a stroll in the park, or simply being part of your daily routine, Ramona is ready to be your devoted and interactive companion.

If you're looking for a happy, curious, and social dog to add vibrancy to your life, Ramona is the perfect choice. Consider welcoming this delightful pup into your home, and get ready for a furry friend who brings laughter, curiosity, and a whole lot of joy to your daily adventures.

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