I've found my furever family!


We're happy to tell you that Harperhas a new furever home.
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Meet Harper, an adorable and affectionate puppy who is sure to steal your heart. Born around April 1, 2023, she's in the early stages of life, full of boundless energy and the promise of companionship.

Harper is not just a sweet puppy; she's a bundle of joy waiting to bring happiness into your life. Her sister, Hope, is her constant companion, and together they make an inseparable duo, ready to fill your home with love and laughter.

This little sweetheart is a social butterfly. Harper gets along famously with other dogs, making her an ideal playmate for your current furry friends or a perfect addition to your pet-loving family. Her friendly and outgoing nature ensures that she'll make fast friends wherever she goes.

But Harper's affection isn't limited to her four-legged pals. She adores people and thrives on human interaction. She's a true attention-seeker and is happiest when she's showered with love, belly rubs, and playtime. Her sweet and loving disposition makes her a fantastic choice for families, couples, or individuals looking for a devoted companion.

At this young age, Harper is like a blank canvas, ready to learn and grow with your guidance. With the right training and care, she's bound to become a well-rounded, well-behaved adult dog.

As Harper and Hope continue to explore the world around them, they're looking for a loving home where they can embark on countless adventures and make lasting memories. If you're seeking a charming and affectionate puppy duo to welcome into your life, Harper and Hope are the perfect pair to bring boundless joy and love into your home. Don't miss the opportunity to make these sweet girls a part of your family; they can't wait to start their journey with you.

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